A Quick Review of The Jojoba Company’s Best Sellers article image by Dianes Naturally

The Jojoba Oil Company is an emerging skincare brand boasting products that showcase the wonders of jojoba oil. The company is putting the jojoba plant on the spot with its wide array of jojoba skin care goodies. You will definitely appreciate this brand if you like organic and natural solutions for the skin.

If you are looking for a gentle and yet powerful way to combat skincare problems, The Jojoba Company has something in store for you. here are some of their best selling products that you might end up liking too!

  • The Jojoba Company Australia Starter Pack

If you want to do an overhaul on your skincare, this is definitely a must-have. It has everything that you need for your skin and so much more. One of the impressive qualities of the jojoba oil is that it can be used for all skin types. You don’t have to worry about allergies and irritations with regular use.

According to expert The Jojoba Company review, the starter pack has all the essentials for a nourished and smoother face!

  • Bead facial cleanser
  • Absolute serum
  • CoQ10 antioxidant serum
  • Hydrating day cream
  • Intensive overnight renewal cream
  • 100% natural makeup reover
  • 100% natural Australian jojoba

Since this is a starter pack, the products come in sample sizes only. But if you just want to test the waters and see if the products will work well on your skin, this is the perfect starter pack for you!

It contains no artificial chemicals, fragrances, and detergents so you don’t have to worry about allergies and skin infections.

  • 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

The 100% Natural Australian Jojoba is what made the Jojoba Oil Company an authority when it comes to wholesome, natural skincare. This potent moisturizing formula promises to erase all the signs of aging from your skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and flawless.

The 100% Natural Australian jojoba may also be used to bring nourishment and moisture to the hair, scalp, hands, and nails, too!

Want to make organic melt and pour soap? Yes, you can buy organic melt and pour soap bases to make your own organic hand made soap. The advantage of making and using organic soap is you know it’s good for you and your skin and it doesn’t contain any harsh, nasty chemicals.

First, find an organic melt and pour soap base. It should be easy to find a soap supply site selling this on Google. Just type in organic melt and pour soap base. Once you’ve found your organic melt and pour soap base (check the ingredients it contains first) you can start looking for organic soap fragrances and colors. The site where you found the organic melt and pour soap base may sell them. This way your soap will be truly organic.

Of course, if you just want the soap base to be organic, you don’t have to worry about the fragrance and colors being organic and you can use soap suitable ones which will most likely be cheaper.

What kind of molds are you going to use? Do you want to make shaped soap, like hearts or stars, or plain bars of soap?

Once you’ve decided on your ingredients and have the necessary equipment (including safety equipment) ready, it’s time to start making your organic soap.

Of course, it’s really important to follow your soap making recipe so you know exactly when to add each ingredient but basically to make melt and pour soap you melt the soap in a suitable double boiler or microwave safe bowl or jug, then add the soap coloring and fragrance. Then you pour it into molds and leave it to set. Then you can unmold it. To unmold your soap, gently pop it out of the mold. If it sticks, try running some water over the base of the mold and then try to pop it out of the mold again. Once it’s unmolded you can use it right away!

Once you’ve made a great bar of organic soap, you may never want to go back to using unorganic soap. So here’s to your organic soap making success!

If you discover that you have oily skin, you may want to look into using a different facial soap. There are many types of facial soap on the market and many are especially for oily skin.

Allouette has a clarifying facial wash that is good to use if you have oily skin. This facial wash is made for a person with oily skin, especially skin that is affected by acne. This facial wash is good for the cleansing of pores so those pools of oil do not from your face. It will also treat things such as blackheads and whiteheads that appear with the advent of oily skin. You can lift the dirt and oil out of your skin and the facial wash will also hydrate the dermal layer on your skin. The dirt is removed with both Alpha and Beta hydroxides, as they will gently remove dirty and oily skin cells and will not damage the underneath layers of skin.

If you are looking for a natural soap than Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap for Oily Skin is just what you are looking for. This soap is made from natural ingredients, foremost being tomatoes. Tomatoes are a natural source of both AHA’a and lipocene. Both of these chemicals can help balance your pH level in your skin. This soap also has a toning effect and help with large pores. This is one of the better products to use for oily skin if you are wary about too many chemicals in your soaps.

One of the more trusted names in cleansing products is Neutrogena. Their Dermatological Bar Soap has hypoallergenic properties. This is a good aspect of the soap, especially for people that have sensitive skin. The Dermatological Bar Soap is one of the more popular products with consumers as it really works in clearing pores and helping people with oily skin. There are many unnatural chemicals in this bar soap and if you are wary of that try another cleanser.

L’Oreal has a great answer for oily skin with their HydraFresh Gel Cleanser. This cleanser is great to use with many types of skin conditions, especially oily skin. There are no irritating effects with this cleanser and it is great at clearing your pores. The one main drawback is that if you want the maximum effect you have to purchase other L’Oreal products. This can get expensive but L’Oreal’s products do work if you have oily skin.

The Clinique Derma White Purifying Bar is another option to get rid of oily skin and is one of the more gentle facial cleansers. This soap is great for both oily skin as well as combination skin. Clinique is also one of the most trusted brands when it comes to skin care. This soap will remove dirt and oil from your skin and also moisturize your skin. It will give you a clean and clear complexion and also make your skin healthier.

There are also other natural remedies you can take if you want to combat oily skin. One of the main natural remedies that many physicians recommend is a mudpack. Mudpacks will draw out skin impurities and oil leaving you with healthier skin. You can feel a good mudpack working as your skin will feel great afterwards. The darker the mudpack is the better it will be at drawing out the oils in your skin.

Whatever you use to get rid of oily skin, make sure that afterwards you keep cleansing your skin so it does not return. If you are still having problems with oily skin after using products such as these, you should consult a physician.

Winter is here and the frost is not only nipping at your nose but the whole face. Fortunately, with a facial skin care routine that meets your exact skin care needs you can be on your way to healthy, radiant skin tone.


• Stings or burns when skin-care products are used
• Is easily irritated
• Sometimes appears red and inflamed
• Feels itchy, dry, rough and flaky

Facial skin care for dry skin:

Regular bath soaps clean well but are powerfully alkaline and irritating for both dry and sensitive skin. Clear soaps containing glycerin and alcohol may also be too drying. So, as an alternative of soap, dermatologists suggest a soap-free, sensitive skin cleansers. If your skin is very dry or sensitive, you may need to alternate a washable lotion with a sensitive-skin bar. After cleansing dry skin, apply a moisturizer that is light, hypoallergenic, preservative-free, all-purpose and water based. For extremely dry skin, moisturize with petroleum jelly or an oil-based lotion with 20 percent urea. After cleansing sensitive skin, apply a light, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free moisturizer, like Eucerin. To check your tolerance of the product, dab the moisturizer behind your ears for the first few days.


• Is usually smooth and supple
• Is generally clear/blemish-free
• Appears neither dry nor oily

Facial skin care for normal skin:

You’re one of those lucky people whose face can take some abuse and still bounce back, looking fresher than ever. Almost any cleanser (from regular bath soap to sensitive-skin bars) will work for you. If you need a moisturizer — some people with normal skin don’t! — choose a light, hypoallergenic, preservative free, all-purpose, water-based moisturizer after washing.


• Has enlarged pores or blackheads
• Appears shiny and feels greasy

Facial skin care for oily skin:

Regular bath soap, morning and night, is fine for cleansing — your skin actually benefits from the drying effect of strongly alkaline bath soaps. If necessary, use an astringent pad at midday. Because your skin is naturally oily, you may not need
a moisturizer. But if you do, choose one that’s noncomedogenic (won’t cause acne) and either oil-free or water-based —Neutrogena or Aveeno, for example.


• Is oily on your forehead, nose or chin
• Is dry on your cheeks and around your eyes

Facial skin care for combination skin:

Dermatologists recommend one of two cleansing routines for women with combination skin. You can wash with a gentle facial cleanser in the morning and use an alcohol-free astringent on oily areas later in the day. Or wash with a soap-free cleanser on dry areas and with regular bath soap on oily areas. Treat dry patches as dry skin, then apply a water-based or oil-free noncomedogenic moisturizer to your entire face.

Skin care tips for every type of skin:

No matter how oily, dry or sensitive your skin, always clean gently. Use warm (not hot) water and your fingertips (not a wash cloth). Rinse well. Then use a towel to pat (not rub) your face dry. Wash your face no more than once or twice a day. After patting skin dry, apply moisturizer to skin while it’s still damp to ensure that it is absorbed. Unless your moisturizer provides protection from damaging sun rays, consider applying a light sunscreen as well.