Goatsmilk Soap

This is the soap that I have people with problem skins coming back for much more of.
It is made with the same basic oils as my other soaps but the majority of the water content of the soap is replaced by Goats Milk.
This makes it a rich, creamy luxurious and soothing soaping experience.
It is usually made unfragranced to assist these problem skins, but I frequently will have some fragranced product, so please ask.

$5 for 95/100 gm or 3 for $12.

Olive Oil Soap


The great classic…. Castile Soap. Made with all Olive oil… no other oils at all.
It makes small creamy suds.
Cherished by people who like to have their skin softly cared for.

$5 for 95/100gm or 3 for $12.