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Wrapped Methods

Originally developed in August of 2000
By Diane Buckley

Aka "Gooney Bird" and "Jolly Green Giant"

If you want to try it the no cook way, what I call the wrap method, all you have to do is trace the soap, have the hot water boiling ready in the other larger pot.
Put the soap in the pot of water, put on lids/towels/whatever.
Wrap the containers in some old blankets and leave for an hour.
Stir. Cover.
At 1 1/2 hours go back and the soap will be cooked.
It is easy to move the soap to another place this way - I use the bath tub, and that frees up kitchen space.

The other method that also works is the Wrap with no Water Method.
Just do the soap as per usual to trace.
Wrap the pot in lots of blankets and put it somewhere safe.
A box or the bath is good.
Stir at one hour, making sure that you get the bits off the bottom.
Do not let too much heat escape tho.
Mix really well at 1 1/2 hours.
It tends to stick to the bottom so make sure you get that stirred at the one hour mark.
This method tends to have some dry bits but I just mix them in or if it is really, really dry, I add a bit of milk to loosen it up.

The soap with the no water wrap is not as good as the one wrapped with water, but it is satisfactory and I have sold this soap just fine.

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